Running SSL Rails app on apache server already in use

SSL and Rails is proving to be somewhat confusing and difficult to get
for me.

I already have an HTTPS apache instance running off my domain – legacy
secure web app. (lives at say)

Now I want to develop a new app on the same secured domain with rails
of a subdir, symlinked or something at
But how can this work?

To get that to work on a normal insecure instance, I would just put it
at or some port other than port 80.

But since SSL is involved, and I already have an instance running –
its occupying port 443 … how can I add a rails app to this domain??

Suggestions appreciated!

Chris E.

run your app on

and proxy traffic from apache to that ip.

The problem with multiple apps and ssl is that apache (assuming you
are using apache as a front end) does not support SSL with named
virtual hosts. Annoying, but it makes sense when you think about it,
apache does not know the domain name before dishing up it’s
certificate, so there can only be 1 certificate, and this 1 cert will
be tied to 1 domain.