Running Spork with rspec in Rails 3 on Windows 7


As stated in the subject I require to set up the following:

Spork + Rspec on Windows using Rails3

It looks as if rspec is not Rails 3 ready yet and Spork does not play
nicely with Windows.

Is there a way to hack it all together or some viable alternative? the
time to run rake spec I killing me!

Any tips would be much appreciated



Rspec is compatible with Rails 3.

Have you looked at autotest (part of ZenTest) to save having to rake
all the time. I’m sure I came across a windows Rspec, Autotest and Snarl
notifications tutorial on the web once. A quick search will probably

David W.

After quite some time, I got my spork working with cygwin. what
environment are you using and what errors do you get?

Sorry, typed the wrong thing:

I meant to say Spork is not rails 3 ready…

In the meantime I have managed to get Spork running on the app with
some hacks, however I am not sure how to get rspec to use it:

  1. Modified spec_helper file
  2. Added “-drb” to new line in .rspec file

Hi David, I have installed autotest, I will look at Snarl

Hi, Spork is running using a slightly modified version of the
0.9.0.rc2 gem

everything looks fine now… however I am not sure what to do next to
make “rake spec” use it.

I have modified the spec_helper and .rspec files

You must be using 2 consoles: one for spork and one for rake spec.