Running scripts on Rubyi

Hi all,

I write on 2 ruby scripts using editor sublime text 2 on window 8,
upload them to dropbox,then download them to my ipad. For some
reasons(new to use ipad and apps), I cannot have Rubyi to read the
scripts and run them directly. So I open the scripts in File manager ,
copy , paste them to the code model in Rubyi. The strange thing is that
I can run one script without any problem …just like what I run it on
window 8. But I cannot run the other script. I wonder if anyone out
there can share his or her experiences on running ruby scripts on Rubyi?



Hi all,

Here some tips I find out after playing around with Rubyi:

First write a script on Rubyi and make sure it works. Then copy the data
in window 8 to Rubyi…instead of the other way around as I find out
the name convention on Rubyi strickly stick to Ruby older version. What
legal on V2.0 might not be valid on Rubyi.

I have to say it is worth spending $3.00 to buy a version with ad(a free
version also is available but bundled with ads).