Running rails on Linux

Hi guys,
I initially developed an application using Locomotive on Mac OS X. I
developed 2 applications which use one database. Now I would like to
export them to a Linux box. How do I go about doing that.
My applications use, Ruby-LDAP library and Net-SSH library.

On the Linux box, I have installed Ruby gems and installed Rails
successfully and also I ran the command ‘gem install net-ssh’ and
installed that successfully.
But this command ‘gem install ruby-ldap’ failed. Is there any reason it


Hi Jay

What error message did you get when you tried to gem install ruby-
ldap? The reason why it failed is probably in there somewhere.


I recommend installing Ubuntu Server 6.10 LTS and using Capistrano
along with the deprec gem to install and
configure everything you need. Be sure to install deprec before
capistrano, so that it installs Capistrano 1.4.1 - not 2.0. This
installs and configures Apache, MySQL, Mongrel, Mongrel_Cluster, and
all other gems you need to set up a deployment server. If you don’t
have subversion set up already, there’s a recipe included for that,
too. Take a look at the free PeepCode mini-episode on how to create a
linux deployment box with deprec. It’s linked off this page: <https://> (The Capistrano screencast
is definitely worth the $9, btw.)

I just got through doing this myself this week, and I’m a Mac guy too.
It’s definitely easier than configuring a Mac server - even with
macports. (I tried that, first.) It will help if you have some
familiarity with Debian-based linux. If you’ve used macports, apt-
cache and apt-get will be easy to use to install anything else you
might need. (I had to install Curl, to test my mongrel cluster,
Postgres-8.2, and the ruby-postgres library.) The mini-episode is very
good, but it missed one key point - the configuration which allows
mongrel cluster to run on startup . Be sure to read this page, which
covers it :

Good luck!

On 8/17/07, redbaritone [email protected] wrote:

I recommend installing Ubuntu Server 6.10 LTS and using Capistrano
along with the deprec gem

There is also RubyWorks:
It doesn’t cover as much ground as deprec, but works on RHEL, CentOS and

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