Running ofdm benchmark on XCVR2450 vs RFX2400

Hey -

This is a strange thing that I’ve been facing. We recently purchased new
XCVR2450 daughterboards and wanted to test the ofdm benchmark code on it
(with default settings). Both the USRPs (USRP1), were almost next to
other but yet, the receiver USRP does not show any packets being
This is strange, since I plugged in a spectrum analyzer next to it, and
shows that the signal is indeed transmitted. I believe there’s some
with the rate at which the transmission takes place. I decreased the
decimation rate to 4 on receiver and as expect it indicates overrun.
However, when I increase it beyond 16, all I get are TIMEOUTs.

At the sender, the interpolation rate is 128. I tried playing with some
other values but couldn’t get the reception to take place at the

What is incredibly surprising is this - if I plug in the RFX2400 boards
instead of these, they work with the default settings, except that I
have to
increase the tx-amplitude. I’m totally stumped at this behavior.

The machines are not loaded at all, there’s just the USRPs running
9.04, 2.6GHz). I also checked the /proc/cpuinfo to verify, and it seems
the clock speed is fine.

I’d appreciate any help. I thought the changeover from RFX2400 to
would be smooth, but its giving me a bit of a nightmare. Btw, I’m
running a
stable 3.2.2 release of gnuradio.