Running multiple mongrel to "serve" the same rail application with active scaffold


I want to run more then one mongrel for the same rail application on the
same machine, using the same rails files.
This application use “active scaffold” when I start one mongrel some
files are writes in the public/plugin_assets/ folder.

If I start more then one mongrel it is possible these files become
scrambles ?, there is also some files in tmp/{cache,pids,sessions
,sockets, webfile}
who can i make sure the 2 mongrels will not interfere each other ?, Do i
really need to use a separated copy of the same rail application for
each mongrel ?


Hi Yves,
Those assets should only be writen the very first time your app loads,
not on each load. No matter what the various mongrels will not
with each other if run from the same rails directory unless active
is doing something truly horrible with they’re file writing. This seems
pretty unlikely.


On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 2:10 PM, Yves D’Astous
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