Running JRuby on Jetty I get directory listing

I have created a Rails application using Netbeans RC2, with the built-in
JRuby 1.0.2. Everythign works fine in webrick. I create de .war file and
it’s created right. But when I execute the war:standalone:run rake task
and go to http://localhost:8080/myapp I see a directory listing instead
of the Ruby application. I also tried to drop the .war file into
Glassfish and into Tomcat but I alwais see the diectory listing.

Have you got any idea of the cause? Has anybody ever had this problem?


I am having this problem also.

Gordon Duquesnay wrote:

I am having this problem also.

Hi Gordon

I finally solved the problem. The problem is that Netbeans is not
creating the web.xml in the WEB-INF directory. I created it manually and
everything worked right. You can use the
file as the template

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