Runing Rake Error

Hi everybody,

I am trying to run rake command “rake db:migrate” and I got " rake
aborted "
I don’t know what’s wrong here, I need help !!

Runing Rake Errors

C:\Users\Eco\Desktop\music_library\music>rake db:migrate
(in C:/Users/Eco/Desktop/music_library/music)
rake aborted!
undefined method `each’ for #Mysql:0x5646978
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

log file:
[4;36;1mSQL (1.0ms)[0m [0;1mSET NAMES ‘utf8’[0m
[4;35;1mSQL (0.0ms)[0m [0mSET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0[0m
[4;36;1mSQL (12.0ms)[0m [0;1mSHOW TABLES[0m
[4;35;1mSQL (103.0ms)[0m [0mCREATE TABLE schema_migrations
(version varchar(255) NOT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB[0m
[4;36;1mSQL (244.0ms)[0m [0;1mCREATE UNIQUE INDEX
unique_schema_migrations ON schema_migrations (version)[0m
[4;35;1mSQL (2.0ms)[0m [0mSHOW TABLES[0m

Thanks for your help.

It will be much easier for this list to help you if you post the full
trace output of Rake, as suggested by the command (run with --trace

–Matt J.