"Run To Completion" does not work

For the schematic “tst_terminate1.grc” attached the script does not
terminate after writing the desired number of samples. Consequently I
have to stop it applying “^c”.

N.b. If I replace “PSK Mod” by “GMSK Mod”, then the script terminates as

Thx for any hints


dear GR community,

this is just another try to get some idea about why this GR flowgraph
fails on me. I have attached a screenshot of the flowgraph, where it can
be seen, that only original GR component blocks are used. if I run this
flowgraph a file of the expected size (“Head”) is written, but the py
does not terminate after that

exchanging the “PSK Mod” block by the “GMSK Modulator” block is
sufficient to get a script that runs - as expected - incl. termination

any idea anybody, what is going wrong here?

thx stefs