Run muliple scripts simultaneously!

Hello guys and girls!

I´m new in ruby and my english is really bad, so i hope you can
understand my questions.

I am looking for a specific command, but i could not find anything that
i understand and that fits with my needs.

I currently have 16 Ruby files and each time i want to execute 1 Ruby
file i need to open a new console. I will call the files like this:
a.rb, b.rb, c.rb, d.rb, e.rb and so on. I need a command that executes
all files at the same time and that they run parallel with each other.

I hope you could understand my needs.

I would be very grateful if you could paste some code with my examples
above, so i can understand it better.

best regards,


What operating system are you running on, and what is your reason for
having 16 simultaneous consoles?

Sounds like something you could do with Process:

Process.create :app_name => “a.rb”

Maybe combining that with Threads could execute simultaneous console