Run a function as a stand-alone app with arguments


Hey all,

i have a function that needs to be able to be called from within a
ruby script or run as a stand-alone app from the CLI.

so if i have, for example:

def do_something(arg1, arg2)
return arg1 + arg2

in a file called ‘my_helpers.rb’

how could i set it up to run with a default arg1 and arg2 if not
provided, be able to run it from the cli, and also be able to run it
from the script.
I know these are fundamental kind of questions, but i will stand to
have a lot of sense made from what i have read in my book.



shawn bright wrote:

if FILE == $0


Thanks, good link, think i can get everything i need out of there.
And thanks for rmagick, our company website could not do what we do
without it.