rubyWax 0.11.04 audio player released

hello all,

hot off the presses -
rubyWax 0.11.04 ‘wicked’ alpha - an audio player for folks who miss
their vinyl… this release is intended for testing, but should be
stable enough to not cause any disasters. rubyWax requires gtk2 and

tested (by yours truly) on ubuntu 10.04 with ruby 1.8.7, gtk 0.19.3,
and gstreamer 0.10. i’m having problems installing the latest version
of gtk2 for testing with later ruby versions, and i’ve basically given
up for the moment. hopefully this will run for you - it does for me!

i’m no kind of programmer, please forgive any barbaric code! that


looks wicked - see screenshot
handles large playlists, which can be saved and loaded
drag and drop files or directories to load into playlist, or select
through file browser
customizable colors, fonts, and title-formatting

read the, well, readme.txt file for more info…

here’s the link:

rock and roll, buddy -


sorry about broken screenshot…
we’ll see if this one works -


Looks cool, will try it out!

Amarok dropped ruby support, for scripting, right? Maybe this will be
a good outlet for those liked coding for that.

P.S. Nice choice of song for the grand unveiling.

hi johnny -

not sure about amarok, looks like it’s done in javascript now - but i
know there are libraries for controlling mpd
( and mplayer
( i messed
around with both before settling on gstreamer for playback.

thanks for checking out the player, i hope it works for you - let me
know how it goes…

i’er heights -