RubyTk - missing option padx/padding

It’s entirely possible that I am going about this in a stupid or
incorrect way, but I’m at my wit’s end…

I am trying to make a program that can go forward and backward, changing
the main window depending on what stage of the process I’m on. I can
make this work in perl, but with Ruby I am running into a strange
problem with frames I create…

If I create them with “padding ‘3 9 3 9’”, the second frame errors out
with “RuntimeError: unknown option “-padding””.
If I create them with “padx 3; pady 9”, the program immediately dies
with “C:/Ruby192/lib/ruby/1.9.1/tk.rb:3004:in `_invoke’: unknown option
“-padx” (RuntimeError)”
If I create the first frame with “padding ‘3 9 3 9’” and the second with
“padx 3; pady 9”, I can load the program and load the second frame as
intended. But, if I try to go back to the first, I get "“RuntimeError:
unknown option “-padding””.

I am using Ruby 1.9.2p290 via the Windows installer.

(example source is attached)