RubyTk fixed for versions 2.4 and up!

Hey everyone! It took me a few months of research and trial and error to figure out how to get Tk working again. Needless to say i was quite mad that they took it out of the compiler and made it into a gem. This fix doesn’t need to install the tcl8.5 and works on the current 8.6 version. I know have rubyTk working on Ubuntu 19.04. This was my litteral “Help me stackoverflow! you’re my only hope!” moment.

So for those who may have given up, or to the new people starting out, I made a patch script that takes care of the whole thing for you. it installs all ruby dev and the Tk gem with the 8.6 bindings. afterwards it runs a bare bone test tk GUI to make sure everything is running correctly.
you can git clone it here: GitHub - CufeHaco/Tk_Patch: All In One patch script and tk gem install to get RubyTk working again for versions above Ruby 2.3
or just copy and paste the code from the script into the terminal.

Again, I’m not the one who figured out how to get it working, i posted the link of the information and terminal commands in the readme and comments of the script and take no claim in that effort. This script is to help those struggling in learning ruby and want to continue with TK to make thier lives easier.

Thanks again to those who got it back working! and happy coding!