RubySSPI 0.0.2 - Enabling Windows NTLM/Negotiate proxy authe

= What’s New

A small release for my library, which now provides a file that can be
into site_ruby and used to enable proxy authentication from the command
for any ruby script.

= Where to find it

Hosted on rubyforge:

Or via gem install:

gem install rubysspi

= What is it

Previously, if you had a proxy that required NTLM authentication you
to direct all your ruby calls to a local proxy such as the APS NTLM
proxy ( This required you to enter your
into a file or on start up. WIth this gem, ruby libraries such as
and net/http can directly access internet sites and you never have to
your username or password into any configuration files.

= How to use

The file provided in this release is most useful for rubygems. To use
(assuming your rubygems is not working yet):

  1. Download the gem via rubyforge:
  2. Install
  3. Copy spa.rb from the rubysspi gem directory to your site_ruby\1.8
  4. set your http_proxy environment variable (e.g.
  5. Run rubygems:

ruby -rspa ‘C:\Program Files\ruby\bin\gem’ list --remote rubysspi

The adventerous can modify their gem.bat and gem.cmd files to include
library always, and then run the familiar gem commands directly.

Commants and feedback welcome!


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