Rubyscript2exe and gem

Is there a way to tag files in a gem according to their “function”,
like documentation, code, etc. The reason I am wondering about this is
when I pack a program up with rubyscript2exe, it packages the entire
directory of a gem if one is required. For example, with FXRuby, all
the rdoc and C header files are packed up… 8 megs of useless data as
far as the ruby app is concerned (just the .so and 1 directory of ruby
files are actually needed).

If the the files were tagged, rubyscript2exe could make an intelligent
decision on what to include from the gem directory.

I am now thinking of having a separate installation of ruby without gem
and hand installed libraries just to run rubyscript2exe and avoid this
problem. But this seems long and more painful than it should be.

Any thoughts? Any better solution?


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