Rubypython question

ok, so i have a big Q about rubypython: how on EARTH does one make an
instance of a python object in ruby. here is the code i have so far:

require ‘rubypython’
require ‘pry’

class BoarWrap
dir = File.dirname(FILE)
RubyPython.start(:python_exe => ‘python2.7’)
@sys = RubyPython.import ‘sys’
@sys.path.append File.join(dir, ‘boar’)


yes, it is butt naked, i’m trying to write a gui wrapper around boar (
Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.) and i (think i) need to make an instance
‘front’ in order to do so, so i need to figure out how to make said
instance. the rubypython library docs aren’t much help and reading the
specs dosn’t give me much insight… so, any pushing in the right
direction would be much appreciated!!

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