Hi folks,

I’m pleased to announce the launch of!

While we’ve been jokingly referring to this service as “Like RubyQuiz,
but less fun – Like PeepCode, but text-based”, we are actually trying
to come up with a different approach to Ruby learning. Here’s the
basic idea:

We provide freely available problems to work on, each carefully
selected to help you learn about some essential Ruby concepts. For
those who need a little extra help or just want to see our take on it,
we offer affordable and detailed solution writeups written in the
style of my book, “Ruby Best Practices”. To help make these available
to a wider audience, we will also provide a few smaller problems each
month (called mini-sprints), which will come with free solution
downloads and have open access to the discussion threads.

== Want to know more?




== Got Questions?

We’ve set up a Tender account to answer any questions folks might have
for us about this service:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into issues with the
site, or have questions or suggestions to share.


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