RubyPhone 0.1.8 released

An version update is now available for the RubyPhone project (see or for details). This project is providing a
CTI implementation wrapped in the ease and elegance of Ruby. If you
check the project page you will see that there are several associated
components you can download, including the Windows-based client DLL
files required, full API docs for the CTI technology that I am trying
to wrap, a Linux-based PBX simulator for pushing calls, and a
Windows-based T-Server for linking things up.

Feel free to check things out if you are interested in this area!

Actually I wrapped a couple of extra CTI methods today and have updated
the project page accordingly. Now this project is at the 0.1.9 revision
level. Plus I relocated the Telephony Services API documentation set to
the Docs area on the Rubyforge project page. The remainder of the CTI
services I am trying to complete rely on testing with a call center
type of ACD system. The poor man’s PBX I am hooked into cannot provide
all of these features. So a lot of the testing cannot take its full
course. If anyone is interested in assisting please feel free to drop
me a note!