I’m writing to ask if there any developers that would
provide a good home to a few Rails-oriented domain names that I bought
with the intention of building a jobs portal for Rails developers:

Rather than simply sell these to the highest bidder, I’m also looking
for someone who has a good idea about how to harness interest in
rails, and find work for Rails developers. Ideally the site would also
bring Rails developers together to form start-ups as well.

The request for a good home can be found here:

The local Ruby list in Portland has received an increasing amount of
requests for work, and before this kind of thing gets overwhelming I
think it’s time someone built a
platform. I just no longer have time to do so myself.

Please respond with unique ideas for the app, and perhaps even a
ballpark price. And pass the word around. Perhaps we can find a
developer or a team with a smart idea and good intentions and to
represent rails to the business community.

Marcus Estes

Hi Marcus,

Spot on.

How about an entire Rails community portal? (jobs + bloggrigator + user
posted articles + jobs + plugin listings + ruby/rails package releases)

I have the beginnings of something in the works. We could have point directly to the jobs page.

I’ll send you a note in email.


Funny, was thinking exactly that a few weeks ago. I’m spinning up’ to be a Rails community site (splices together rails
related blogs, jobs, plugin listings, etc). Figure that’ll give access
to a wider audience too.

We could have point directly to the
jobs section.

What do you think?


I have and Im also thinking of developing