Website Blocked

Hi Everyone,

This is basically an FYI because I don’t think there is much that can be
done about it. I work at a DoD lab and up until very recently I had no
problems at all getting to All week long I have not
been able to visit the site and I finally gave up and submitted a
trouble call to our network help desk. I was told that the site was in
a class B range that is being blocked by the “core router”. What that
means is that this is not a local firewall policy, it is blocked much
higher up the food chain from me.

So, if anyone else works for the DoD and has been having trouble getting
there too, now you probably know why. And let me tell you, trying to
use the google cache of the site is like reading war and peace through a
keyhole :frowning:

Gary H.


That’s rough news man :frowning:

But, if you are trying to access the API, you could try a site like Of course, that will only get you the API and not
blog, wiki, and other features of the site.


Hmm, I bet this might be related to Rails’ recent association with
cocaine. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Rails” has always been slang for “lines” of cocaine. I honestly
thought that’s what Ruby on Rails was named after lol