Rubyntlm script is not working

When I run this file (after modifying the hostname, username, and
password), I am finding that no real authentication is working:

If I change the username and password, I find that there is no
difference. The msg variable is getting nil every time. The variable
$2 never gets a value in my testing. What have I done wrong?

Does it require I do something else with the Windows server besides
having IIS installed?

How do I know the credentials are encrypted during transit from the
Linux server to the Windows server?

I am not sure how easy it is for others to work through that big file.
Perhaps you can isolate the code to minimum example.

$2 is a special variable that is automatically set on regex use e. g.

x = ‘abc’
x =~ /(.)(.)(.)/

$2 # => “b”

You use a lot of global variables. This is not good.

You should use a global only if you really need one.

With class-based OOP, you very, very rarely, if ever
need to have global variables.

Actually, that is not your code so the authors of that
software are at fault which is very unfortunate.

The documentation of that project is also dreadful. I
would not use it.