RubyNodes gems and setup.rb failing

Hey Guys,

Anyone have success installing the rubynode package. I’ve tried both the
gem install and the setup.rb without any success. The messages returned
by each method are shown below. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

C:\ruby>gem install rubynode
Building native extensions. This could take a while…

ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError)
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
Gem files will remain installed in
c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rubynode-0.1.2 for inspection.

Results logged to

*** I checked the gem_make.out file for clues but it was empty.

C:\tmp\rubynode-0.1.2>ruby setup.rb
—> lib
<— lib
—> ext
—> ext/rubynode_ext
c:/ruby/bin/ruby.exe C:/tmp/rubynode-0.1.2/ext/rubynode_ext/ex
creating Makefile
—> ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src
—> ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.4_2005-12-24
<— ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.4_2005-12-24
—> ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.5_2006-08-25
<— ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.5_2006-08-25
—> ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.5_2006-12-04
<— ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.5_2006-12-04
—> ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.5_2006-12-25
<— ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src/1.8.5_2006-12-25
<— ext/rubynode_ext/ruby_src
<— ext/rubynode_ext
<— ext
—> lib
<— lib
—> ext
—> ext/rubynode_ext
setup.rb:655:in command': system("nmake") failed (RuntimeError) from setup.rb:664:inmake’
from setup.rb:1258:in setup_dir_ext' from setup.rb:1532:insend
from setup.rb:1532:in traverse' from setup.rb:1549:indive_into’
from setup.rb:1530:in traverse' from setup.rb:1534:intraverse’
from setup.rb:1533:in each' ... 7 levels... from setup.rb:996:inexec_setup’
from setup.rb:813:in invoke' from setup.rb:773:ininvoke’
from setup.rb:1578

So I’m guessing my issue is I need to install a ‘nmake’ program for XP


On Mar 27, 2007, at 13:41, Sonny C. wrote:

—> ext/rubynode_ext
setup.rb:655:in `command’: system(“nmake”) failed (RuntimeError)

So I’m guessing my issue is I need to install a ‘nmake’ program for XP

You need a compiler (and its environment) to compile and install
binary gems.