RubyKaigi 2006


We will hold Japan Ruby Conference 2006 a.k.a RubyKaigi 2006
in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan at 10-11, Jun 2006.

This conference is a forthcoming event that gathers a lot of
branching Japanese Ruby developers and Ruby users, and
expects their technical and human resource enhancement.
This meeting is monumental that it is a first-time
conference in Japan limited in programming language Ruby.

Conference official language is Japanese on RubyKaigi 2006.
All announces will be done by Japanese and the official web
page is also written in Japanese.

AIST Tokyo Waterfront Bio-IT Research Building, 11F


  • Keynote:
    Yukihiro matz Matsumoto
    David Heinemeier H.

  • Speakers and Panelists (planning):
    Masayoshi T. (The president of Nihon Ruby no Kai)
    Hiroshi Inoue (The president of NaCl. Matz is a member of NaCl)
    Koichi Sasada (YARV developer)
    Kiyomi Kosako (Oniguruma developer)
    Shouhei Urabe (Ruby Bug tracker)
    arton (developer of Active Script Ruby, rjb, etc)
    Tanaka A. (developer of open-uri, pathname, etc)
    Keiju Ishitsuka (developer of irb, rational, etc)
    NaHi (developer of soap4r, log4r, etc)
    Kentaro Goto (Developer of WEBrick, benchmark, etc)
    Shugo M. (Developer of eruby, mod_ruby, etc)
    Tadashi Tada (tDiary developer)
    Taku Nakajima (Amrita2 developer)
    secondlife (Rails user)
    Jun Omae (Rails user)
    Stoyan Z. (Rails user)
    Genki Takiuchi (Rails user)
    Hiroshi T. (Rails user)
    Kazuhiro Y. (Apollo developer, Rails user)
    Kazunori Nishi (Rails user)

    And Lightning Talks Talkers

Conference Party:
A Party will be held in 10th Jun 2006. Entrance fee will
be 5000 yen.

Tickets will be sold in only Japan. Therefore we are
preparing few tickets for people who don’t live in Japan
(Ticket will be 5000 yen). If you want to attend RubyKaigi
2006, please contact [email protected] (please
attach a word “RubyKaigi2006 application” to mail subject).

We don’t reserve any hotels for attendees. Please book
your hotel by yourself (or ask me).


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