Rubyk: multimedia scripting through WebDAV

Hello everyone !

What is rubyk ?

Rubyk is a ruby application you can modify during runtime through
WebDAV simply by editing ruby scripts and saving them in your editor.

What will it be used for ?

As an open source replacement for graphical patchers (Max/MSP, Plogue
Bidule) in multimedia/AI applications (midi/opengl).

What has been done ?

The basic server works. Basic midi io (using ruby wrappers around
Rtmidi). Tested some opengl stuff (with ruby-opengl).

What will be done ?

Currently implementing Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector
Machines for pattern recognition (dance —> music).

Why join ?

Because it’s really fun to edit an application that makes noises and
images while it is running…

If you feel interested, let me know.


Here is a screencast showing rubyk at work (sorry for the compression).


2007/9/11, Gaspard B. [email protected]: