Rubyists of Second Life Meeting on RESTful Routes | 08/31/20

The virtual user group Rubyists of Second Life will meet this Thursday,
August 31, and next Thursday, September 7, at 6:00 pm PST.

This Thursday, Theodore Polonsky will be presenting on simply_restful
and the new RESTful routes in Rails Core, and Polypus Watts will be
presenting on DRP: evolutionary/social programming for
interactive/design tasks in Ruby.

Second Life is a virtual 3D world and society. Basic memberships are

There are hefty bandwidth / computer hardware / graphics card
requirements for SL, check for more details.

After downloading the Client, and creating your Avatar, you can use
this Second Life URL (SLurl) to “teleport” to the Rubyists of Second
Life meeting area:

The RoSL group members will help you get acclimated to Second Life.
Contact avatar StarJunky Fermi at [email protected] to arrange for an
introductory tour of SL.