RubyInstaller: Archiving of RubyForge mailing lists and switch to Google Groups

Hello everybody.

Aiming to increase exposition of RubyInstaller project (known as
One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows), as developers and users around
it we decided to move to Google G. functionality.

While this may be a bold move and there would be some detractors, we
considered the impact and the usage of the list.

A few points:

  • No more multiple mailing lists.

While development has become actively noisy lately we are still open
and fond to questions of newcomers and people wanting to contribute.

  • No user is going to be automatically migrated from RubyForge lists
    to Google ones.

The users that want to join can go directly to above URL and join
manually. Automatic migrations are a privacy concern and there are lot
of users inactive on the list.

  • RubyForge lists are not going to disappear, but no longer actively

We are going to keep those accessible while joining and posting of it
is discouraged. If you want to start a new topic, please do in the
Google G. above indicated.

Thank you for your time.