RubyInstaller 1.8.7-p334 and 1.9.2-p180


I’m very pleased to announce the release of RubyInstaller packages for
Ruby 1.8.7-p334 and 1.9.2-p180

As usual, installer and 7z-packages are available at RubyInstaller
website and RubyForge for download:

For verification, MD5 signatures are provided:

3cd42e470f4ebd16310498c63bd52aeb *ruby-1.8.7-p334-doc-chm.7z
bc16f57f086915aaa8ad4116cb3fb7c2 *ruby-1.8.7-p334-i386-mingw32.7z
64e30e63e16028282fcfe3ec57b561dc *rubyinstaller-1.8.7-p334.exe

aecd3986b7c4281e000681b72c7386e8 *ruby-1.9.2-p180-doc-chm.7z
697aca4a83efe538aebe90939b529f20 *ruby-1.9.2-p180-i386-mingw32.7z
2c94aef50987416d64c85a4ea0fa428b *rubyinstaller-1.9.2-p180.exe

Installer is also digitally signed to avoid alterations and UAC

You can read Ruby announcements at the following links:

= What is new?

Beyond what is covered by Ruby itself, we have our own set of

Enhancements from RubyInstaller:

  • Upgraded RubyGems to 1.5.2 on all versions of Ruby
  • Upgraded rb-readline to version 0.4.0


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