RubyGems post-install hook


I’m trying to package a Ruby library using Gems but have run into the
problem of needing to execute some post-install commands a la setup.rb.
Searching the archives brought this up from Dec 2004:

Am I right in thinking that RubyGems doesn’t support these kind of
post-install hooks? Are there any plans to in the future?

As a proof of concept I knocked together a hacked rubygems which uses
the SerializableProc class from Ruby Q. 38
(Ruby Quiz - SerializableProc (#38)) to allow something like this to

require ‘rubygems’

spec = do |s| = “test”
s.version = “0.2.1”
s.summary = “A test”


#This proc gets stored in the gem and called after installation
s.post_install_proc = %q{ system(“echo ‘I ran’”) }


It’s buggy as hell, but with a bit of cleaning is essentially all I
would need for my purposes.