RubyFrontier 1.0 released, moves to GitHub

After years of development and of hedging with ever-increasing 0.9.9.x
version numbers, RubyFrontier has been updated to version 1.0. And, to
celebrate, RubyFrontier source has also been moved to GitHub. (I would
explain what was wrong with Sourceforge but space considerations prevent

The new URL is:

GitHub - mattneub/RubyFrontier: TextMate bundle for generating static Web sites


RubyFrontier Documentation

RubyFrontier is a TextMate bundle (thus, Mac-only), implementing a
template-based system of building Web pages and (especially) Web sites
in a highly automated manner. It generates static Web pages; it isn’t a
Web application framework. It is excellent for heavily hyperlinked pages
and for automatic generation of navigation structures such as
breadcrumbs, next-prev links, etc. The system is modeled in the first
instance after UserLand Frontier’s html suite, which I documented in my
Frontier book.