RubyForge verus JavaForge? for online project/defect track


Anyone know the difference, or have an opinion, re RubyForge versus
for setting up an online defect tracking project for one’s project?

I see that JavaForge has SVN integration (haven’t tried it yet). The
rubyforge login seems to be down at the moment.


On Oct 28, 2006, at 11:15 PM, Greg H. wrote:

Hey Greg-

I have been using a great new server called devjavu for my svn and

trac hosting. Its free for open source projects and the guy who runs
it is cool. I have had great experience with the service so far on
three of my projects hosted their. You can request an invite here:


– Ezra Z.
– Lead Rails Evangelist
[email protected]
– Engine Y., Serious Rails Hosting
– (866) 518-YARD (9273)

Hi Greg, this is a Ruby and Rails mailing list. Thus, we should focus
on topics that are focused on Ruby and Rails.

Thank you,


ok - but I was kind of interested to find out if there was a particular
reason why potentially rubyforge could be more advantageous to ruby on
developers (hence partially ruby on rails forum related)