RubyCocoa 0.9.0 developer preview



We have been working on a new code base since several months to
prepare the foundations of RubyCocoa 1.0, and today we are honored to
share with you the first pre-release: RubyCocoa 0.9.0.

RubyCocoa is a Mac OS X framework that allows Cocoa programming in the
object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In other words, it is a
bridge that let you access Objective-C objects from Ruby, and vice-

You can get more details about RubyCocoa 0.9.0, such as the
description of the changes against the stable branch and pointers to
the binary installer and source release tarball, at the following

Please notice that this is a developer preview of RubyCocoa. You
should not use it for real-world deployments. It is delivered to you
only for testing purposes.

Please also visit the following web sites to get more general
information about RubyCocoa:

The RubyCocoa team