RubyCLR anyone?

maybe I’ll find someone who is using RubyCLR and can help me?
After first success with winforms usage from ruby I’m trying to use
SharpSVN ( library to access SVN from
ruby on win32 system. But because I know only very little about C# I’m
affraid I’m stuck now with rewriting this code from SharpSVN example to
ruby. (littlebit modyfied to don’t write here everything)

string targetPath = pathTextBox.Text;
SvnTarget target;
SvnTarget.TryParse(targetPath, out target)

using (SvnClient client = new SvnClient())
                    delegate(object lSender, SvnLogEventArgs le)

Since SvnTarget don’t respond to new method I can’t write something like
target =
and use target in TryParse method.
I’ve found a workaround
target = SharpSvn::SvnTarget.FromString(path)
but I would like to know if it is possible to do it somehow in way
written in C# example.

And with usage of client.Log I’m completaly stuck :slight_smile: . I though that I
can write just block like
proc {|sender, args| …}
in ruby instead of delegate, but probably I’m missing something.

Oh, and I’m on ruby 1.8.6. I’m not using IronRuby because I’m aiting to
it’s first stable release…

Thanks for any help