I’ve been reading a lot about ParseTree and Ruby2Ruby for a project
I’m working on simply not getting it.

Im running 1.8.6 and have the Ruby2Ruby, ParseTree and ruby_parser
gems installed but I simply can’t get them to work. I suspect it might
be that I may be using dated documentation. I’ve seen Ruby2Ruby used
in a couple online tutorials and it usually works like this:

require “ruby2ruby”

class SomeClass


puts Ruby2Ruby.translate(SomeClass)

…and this would output the code for “SomeClass.” However for me it
says method “translate” was not defined. I did some more searching and
saw some alternative demos where you would call something like
“SomeClass.to_ruby” or “ParseTree.translate(SomeClass)” but I can’t
get these to fly either. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Also, since ParseTree is actually borken on 1.9 (with no real plans to
fix it) it seems using Ruby2Ruby and ruby_parser would be a better
idea, am I right about that? Thanks in advance for you input!