Ruby2ruby 1.3.1 Released

ruby2ruby version 1.3.1 has been released!

ruby2ruby provides a means of generating pure ruby code easily from
RubyParser compatible Sexps. This makes making dynamic language
processors in ruby easier than ever!


1.3.1 / 2011-09-22

  • 1 minor enhancement:

    • Added parenthesize to add parens in certain contexts.
  • 10 bug fixes:

    • Add newline to ‘do nothing’ comment in a block… seems contrived.
    • Binary operations not work properly with some complex statements.
    • Fixed if statements with no body (smorss)
    • Fixed logic for call with hash args in various locations (smorss)
    • Fixed match3 on an assignment. (smorss)
    • Fixed multiple nested rescue/ensure exprs (larsch)
    • Fixed process_alias to parenthesize (smorss)
    • Fixed process_and to parenthenize only when it makes sense.
    • Fixed rescue with 2+ statements in resbody (smorss)
    • Regexps with options other than /o were not showing flags. (smorss)