Ruby with CDO?

I need to do some scripting to interact with a Microsoft Exchange
server. More specifically, to insert contacts into each user’s mailbox’s
contacts folder. I have accomplished this with Ruby via Win32OLE and
MAPI, but it has become evident that I cannot use this method to iterate
over every mailbox without major issues, primarily because the MAPI
method goes into Exchange via Outlook using the current user account’s

Thus, I need to enter Exchange using a more direct approach. From what I
read, I need to use CDO 1.2.1. However, I don’t know much about CDO or
how I am to go about using it. I was wondering if anybody has an
experience with this or if anybody can get me pointed in the right
direction. I’d really prefer to use Ruby instead of VB, and I think its
possible… just not sure exactly how.

Any help is appreciated!!


  • Jeff M.

I’m a newbie to CDO as well.

Did you check out the CDO reference on msdn2?

I need to programatically drag and drop an outlook message into a word
document. Any example snippets would be appreciated.

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