Ruby, Windows or Rmagick error?


Well i´ve written a little program on my linux machine which uses
my_image = “20061002_122234_No_1.jpg”

This isn´t really complicated… and it works (at least on my linux
On windows the beahvior ist really strange…
it t works with
but with
my_image = “20061002_122234_No_1.jpg”
it doesn´t…
really strange is the error with different paths (relative, absolute,
with “\” or with “/”…)
All of them don´t work with the image and all of them produce a sort of
file/directory not found. And in the error message it also writes down
the file which couldn´t be found. And now the obscure part.
Depending of the part it writes 234_No_1.jpg or 61002_122234_No_1.jpg or
something like 2234_No_1.jpg not found…

Sure it can´t be found. It´s not even the name of the image … and the
path is gone too …

So is there a problem with ruby ? windows ? rmagick ?

I don´t know, otherwise i wouldn´t ask.
I guess there isn´t a “real” ruby problem, otherwise there would be a
problem using linux too…
So is it rmagick ?
for the same reason there shouldn´t…
Leaves windows …
But windows can handle such file names…

So there isn´t a problem at all ?

Since i have this problem there should be a problem in the windows
version of ruby or rmagick or in the combination of all three…

Any ideas ?



[email protected] wrote:

but with

Any ideas ?



This happens when you install a version of ImageMagick that is not the
version that comes bundled in the rmagick-win32 gem. RMagick for Windows
is built to work with the version of ImageMagick that it’s bundled with
and no other. Uninstall ImageMagick and RMagick and re-install RMagick
following the directions in the README file.

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