Ruby Whitepapers

I wrote a series of articles last week, and created a
pointer to them at Artima, where it’s easy to collect

Ruby Makes My Head Explode

The collection includes:

  • Ruby Rocks!
  • Rake Rocks!
  • Getting Started in Ruby (links to articles and books,
    initial script and application templates)
  • Installing Ruby (with additions by John G.)
  • Installing Ruby Gems
  • Which GUI Language to Use? (FxRuby vs. WxRuby)
    (opinions will no doubt differ. This is my initial view)

On 6/5/06, Eric A. [email protected] wrote:

Ruby Rocks and Rake Rocks were good. I didnt look at the other’s too
In a similar vein to your idea the Ruby makes programming a language
problem, I’ve felt Ruby’s power comes about because it gives you access
the interpreter’s data structures in an elegant and consistent way.

Thanks for posting.