I am a local resource manager, and I am trying to understand a
technology that I had been previously unaware of. I am looking for
consultants for a position in Columbus with one of our local clients.
We are looking test analysts who have used / worked with Ruby WATIR
(Web Application Testing in Ruby). Is this related to Ruby on Rails,
and can you tell from this limited amount of information what kind of
consutlant I should be seeking? I am truly appreciative of any
guidance that this group may be able to provide. In addition, if there
is anyone who knows of someone who may be looking for a position like
this, please have them contact me at [email protected]
Thank you

I’m not for hire (Linux sysadmin now), but I’ve got experience as a
test-developer working with watir, so I can answer some stuff.

  1. It’s not at all related to ruby on rails. It’s a windows* specific
    library that automates IE, and does so in some really awesome ways.
    The big upside of this is that you can be confident your test hits
    button A, it follows the same (possibly bug-ridden) code-path as user
    when they hit button A.

  2. Look for test developers, you need someone who knows testing, and
    can do some coding. They don’t really need to know ruby or watir
    going in, it’s not hard to get up to speed on. If they don’t know
    ruby already, just make sure they know how to program in more than
    one language: For some reason, monoglot** programmers have a harder
    time learning new languages, especially on the job. It was my first
    introduction to ruby actually, and it was a heck of a lot easier
    learning ruby + watir together than it was learning how to deal with
    TestComplete’s specific vbscript/.net automation package, which I also
    had to do, but thankfully not at the same time.

Good luck.

  • Someday, somehow, it will finally be released in a cross
    browser/cross platform fashion. Have faith in Bret, he’s very active
    in the project AFAIK, and he may just beat me to posting a response.

** A monoglot is a person who speaks only one language. I think we
all remember learning our second programing language, and that it
wasn’t easy at the get-go, because it wasn’t the same. It’s just one
of those things.

Thank you very much, that is very helpful. I have clearly been looking
in the wrong areas. I appreciate your expert assistance, this should
help me in my search.


Are there any other testing applications associated with Ruby?

Actually, I was not aware of a Watir user group, but I will definately
check that out. I am also not sure that Watir is what I need. We have
been tasked with finding Ruby testers, and so far all I have found
concerning Ruby testing has been Watir. Obviously, there is a lot I
have to learn about this, which is the reason for all of my questions.
Again, I am appriciative of your expert knowledge. Hopefully I can
determine the client needs, and find the right person.

Thank you

Did you try the watir mailing list?

Or other *atir lists (particularly FireWatir which also has some nice

Are you sure you are looking for Watir? There are other excellent
tools like Selenium or more recently WebRat (never tried though but
heard that it’'s good)

Selenium/WATIR are not tied to Rails, but there are some tools/plugins/
etc. which make the integration easy. (WebRat is a Rails Plugin
actually, so that’s a Rails thing - (though someone just made a Merb
fork, so I guess it can be tweaked for other stuff as well)

I would guess you are seeking for a tester with some (preferably a lot
of) experience in web development… but a web guy with strong
programming skills and at least a bit of inclination for testing could
theoretically do…


Hi evhjim,

I am a Tester from RF. Ruby has such gems to test the web applications.
Except, Watir, Selenium I am using WET, RubyScript2EXE and some small
helping gems like hpricot,mechanize…

In Ruby, Watir is very powerful and next one is selenium. Watir is
common for all applications. But selenium on rails is a separate part to
test your Rails Application.

For more details

removed_email_addr[email protected]

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