Ruby-Watir test case organization (dir hierarchy)


Greetings All:

First off; I am fairly new to Ruby and Watir (3 - 4 months), and I
really excited about its potential. I am also very new to the user
group. I have done some research, but I am unable to find the answers
to my problem, so I apologize if this is a redundent topic.

Now, lets get to the point…

I am using Ruby and Watir to build set of tests for a product. As my
tests are increasing in number I need to begin building a directory
hierarchy that will help organize and easily extend my tests. Below is
an example of the hierarchy I am experimenting with (with no success).

– Product
– common

-- includes
	include.rb -> contains: references to lib files ie:
		 require '../product page A/lib/prod_pageA.rb'   --> {See below}
		 require '../product page B/lib/prod_pageB.rb'

-- product page A
	-- lib
	-- test
		tc_prod_pageA.rb {require '../../includes/include'}

-- product page B
	-- lib
	-- test
		tc_prod_pageB.rb {require '../../includes/include.rb} or {require


-- release_night_tests
	-- lib
	-- test
		test_relnight_A.rb {require '../../includes/include'}

-- composit_tests
	-- lib
	-- test

The intent is to reference all of the product page libraries
(product_page_name/lib) from the include.rb. That way I can create
composit tests as well as release night tests, smoke tests and others
(those end-to-end tests that utilize multiple pages to verify certain
features of the product), by simply including the include.rb file

This layout is not working for me, so I thought I would query the group
to see where I am going wrong or a better approach to organize my