Ruby vs gml

I did a search figuring that something like this would have been posted
before. But I typed in gml for the search and got no results, so I
don’t know what else I should have searched for.

I got the impression that ruby is much faster than gml. And when I
first started reading about it, that made sense. When I was first told
about ruby, I was told it was compiled code. I later found out that
that is false. So I still think ruby would be faster than gml, but I’m
wondering if it is really that significant. All I want to use ruby for
is for serving an online game. It will basically just be holding data,
querying data, and sending data. It will not be doing any rendering at
all (besides outputing some lines of text here and there).

I’m hopping some people here know a lot about ruby and gml and can tell
me if ruby would be better suited for something like this than gm is.

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