Ruby-VPI 0.5

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Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. With it, you can create
complex Verilog test benches easily and wholly in Ruby.

= Version 0.5 (2006-05-13)

== Summary

This release adds a tool which generates test benches, and adds
support for {Behavior Driven
Development}[] via the
RSpec[] library.

== Details

  • A tool, which generates most of a Ruby-VPI test bench from a
    Verilog 2001 module declaration, has been added.

  • Ability to use RSpec in a test bench has been added.

  • Ability to specify arbitrary command-line arguments to Verilog
    simulators has been added in the examples’ makefile template.

  • Tested and developed using:

    • Ruby 1.8.4 and Icarus Verilog 0.8 on i686 GNU/Linux
    • Ruby 1.8.4 and Mentor Modelsim 6.1d on x86_64 GNU/Linux

== Acknowledgment


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