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gogo tanaka wrote:

I think only Mr. Marc-Andre L. can review my PR, and this is why it take
time to review.

I find it ironic that you feel it took me much time to review your
patch, when it took you the same time to make the needed changes. Also,
please feel free to “ping” me about issues I might have forgotten about,
either by updating the issue or by emailing me directly. Note that I
responded a couple of days after zzak did just that.

Finally, my personal goal is that PRs are dealt as early as convenient,
but definitely before a major release. Please realize that there is no
real way to accelerate this cycle for new features.

I can find some codes only Mr. Marc-Andre L. maintain,
and it’s kind of complicated for commiter who is not familiar with Linear

I don’t understand your comment. I certainly hope that any committer to
the Matrix library has some familiarity with linear algebra, this is
what the library deals with!

Like that

The eigenvalue decomposition code is indeed intricate, because it was
adapted directly from JAMA: Java Matrix Package
You will find the same method names and the same code, the same method
and variable names, etc…

misc #10032: Matrix classについて

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