[ruby-trunk - Bug #7355][Open] tiny typo in lib/net/pop.rb

Issue #7355 has been reported by no6v (Nobuhiro IMAI).

Bug #7355: tiny typo in lib/net/pop.rb

Author: no6v (Nobuhiro IMAI)
Status: Open
Priority: Normal
Category: DOC
Target version:
ruby -v: -

There is a tiny typo in lib/net/pop.rb.

diff --git a/lib/net/pop.rb b/lib/net/pop.rb
index 0736585…fd869b6 100644
— a/lib/net/pop.rb
+++ b/lib/net/pop.rb
@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ module Net
return @ssl_params[:verify_mode]

  • returns the :ca_file or :ca_path from POP3.ssh_params

  • returns the :ca_file or :ca_path from POP3.ssl_params

    def POP3.certs
    return @ssl_params[:ca_file] || @ssl_params[:ca_path]