Ruby to Gallery2 remote API

Hello all,

I am a total noob at ruby and not a programmer by trade.

Gallery2 is an image hosting script made in php which has an API as
defined at :

What I want to accomplish is to be able to upload images to my Gallery2
from the ruby script. The upload feature is just a small function of the

the add-item is defined at

What would be the best way to go about it?
What functions to look at?

There is an existing ruby script which can do most of the stuff, its a
little confusing but im able to use its classes to get properties, album
details, etc, but it doesnt have “add-item”

The ruby script is available at

Any pointers what would i need to do to upload images?

The perl script at

allows uploading images, in fact currently im calling it from ruby using
the system command, but i need to customise some fields and the perl
code is unreadable :stuck_out_tongue:

Would appereciate any help.

Thanks in Advance.