Ruby/Tk code critique

I have a bunch of Tk buttons tied to code. They’re wrapped in an array
to process later.

What I’d like to do is set each one to have a visual indicator that it
was used. So after it’s clicked, it gets configured to have relief
“flat” or background “yellow” etc.

And then later, when a new row is being processed, I can iterate thru
button_array and reset their color/relief etc. – this is to aid the
user in knowing which buttons they’ve already used.

The simple/ugly way I suppose would be to make each button be like: {
text “bleh”
command proc {

What I’m looking for is basically an elegant way to do this. Rather than
modify each proc to add code to change the relief, I’d like an ‘around’
method to put around run_code. Or in run_code if I could identify the
button that was clicked.

#Random status label changes

	## Proc for ETL tasks
	retl = proc{run_code(:etl)}
	etlre = proc{run_code(:etlreuse)}
	idsre = proc{run_code(:idsreuse)}
	edwre = proc{run_code(:edwreuse)}
	sorre = proc{run_code(:sorreuse)}
	#Buttons - ETL reuse
	lxxs_4 = { text "Reuse-ETL"; command etlre}
	lxxs_5 = { text "Reuse-IDS"; command idsre}
	lxxs_6 = { text "Reuse-EDW"; command edwre}
	lxxs_7 = { text "Reuse-SOR"; command sorre}

button_array = [lxxs_4, lxxs_5 etc.]

Incidentally, run_code looks like this:
def run_code(par)

Probably, using `bindtag’ is not so bad idea.

From: rubist __ [email protected]
Subject: Ruby/Tk code critique
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 04:07:46 +0900
Message-ID: [email protected]

button_array = [lxxs_4, lxxs_5 etc.]

btag =
btag.bind(‘ButtonRelease-1’, proc{|w| w[‘relief’] = ‘flat’}, ‘%W’)
button_array.each{|b| b.bindtags_unshift(btag) }

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