Ruby Software Developer

About the company:
Alike “Great leaders inspire greatness in others”, this software
solutions company inspires innovation and digital transformation in the
world. By directing creative spark and sharp expertise of more than 150
digital business masterminds in Berlin and New York, London and Paris,
through building long-lasting partnerships with European Commission and
Fraunhofer, adopting a Fair Company principles, they have won trust and
devotion of numerous startups and corporates. Our state of art software
has helped to solve the needs of GameGenetics and ZYLIA, Brandinvest and
etc. On the other hand, aspiring approach towards their team has helped
them to take the top place as one of the most attractive employers in

Your Role:
If you take joy in facing challenges, love to innovate and share your
creativity, our Ruby Software Developer job with relocation to Germany
would be a great fit for you. Our Ruby Software Developer position with
relocation entails you to:

-Talk software architecture and API design over;
-Apply your skills and expertise to develop and back our projects;
-Take responsibility for various projects as lead developer;
-Dig deep into RESTful API design.

Your qualification:
-Profound expertise in Web Service APIs (REST and SOAP);
-True mastery of Ruby (not only Rails);
-Excellent JavaScript skills are appreciated;
-Seasoned user of Scrum, CI, TDD and the similar tools;
-Familiarity with Sinatra (more than a fabulous singer);
-Good knowledge and preference for JSON/XML;
-Affinity with ER-models and ability to make the most of it in our
document-oriented database world;
-Awesome grasp of Lucene (as it supports your knowledge of
Elasticsearch, Solr);
-Proficiency with English.

More Details:

Anna Zrazhevska
Skype: ann_zr
Email: [email protected]