Ruby Shoes tray icon?

Hi all!

Any way to have Shoes drop a tray icon in the tray, regardless of the
used system?

This isn’t currently a feature of Shoes.

I’ll make a ‘feature request’ note of it in our issues tracker, though.
generally dislike tray icons, but I can see how they’d be useful to

Not a problem, really. I just wondered if it was feasible.

Any way you can capture a global shortcut?

I’m too lazy to be bothered to write down everything I do at work for
my timesheets,
so the plan is to build something that I can reach from anywhere using
a prompt box
triggered by a configurable key combination. I’ve been looking at Shoes
as it seems like
a program that COULD be useful to someone else than me. I’ll end up
writing that piece
of code myself anyway, I’m just looking at what Shoes can help me with
on that.

I’d much prefer being able to catch global shortcuts than have a tray

On 2010-07-20 10:54:00 -0400, Steve K. said:

One of my main concerns as a programmer is to not reinvent the wheel, so
I always search before I code. I’ll have to look at the other libraries
used by Shoes,
but there already is a couple of libs to bind global hotkeys with GTK,
I’m guessing
the same is true for the rest.

I’m guessing a possible approach would be a small abstraction layer
built on
license-compatible libraries that can bind global hotkeys, and make
sure the right
library is loaded depending on the underlying OS or something…

Duck typing ftw.

On 2010-07-20 11:23:00 -0400, Steve K. said:

Hm. I know that nothing like that is built-in, but that would also be

Shoes itself is a combination of its own private Ruby 1.9.1 with a bunch
libraries (including gtk). So, if you can do it with gtk, I don’t see
how it
wouldn’t be possible with shoes, but nothing like that is built-in

If you end up writing either of these approaches into a non-Shoes
version of
your app, I’d love to talk about folding them into Shoes.

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