Ruby Shipping Gem Setup

Hi There,

I’m new to the list, and found some posts on this topic, but never any
answers to the questions, so I’m gonna try posting again.

I’m trying to setup the ruby shipping gem, and can’t figure out how to
configure parts of it. I’ve followed the setup instructions in the
O’Reilly Ruby Cookbook and the gem documentation.

For the UPS part of it i need to provide values for ups_account,
ups_user, and ups_password. I assume these keys equate to the following:

ups_account = account number
ups_user = the username I login to the ups admin area with
ups_password = the password I login to the ups admin area with

I’ve tried this configuration, but it always returns a price of 0. The
response object contains the following:

response_plain=“UPSOnLine5%Missing ActionCode%6837n”
response=“UPSOnLine5%Missing ActionCode%6837n”,

I don’t know what Missing Action Code refers to, but I’m thinking it
means maybe I’m using the wrong login credentials. I also have a
Developer’s Key and an XML Access Key for the account, and have tried
them in place of the password and/or account number, but i get the same
response all the time.

On the FedEx side of things, i can’t figure out how to generate the
required meter number for the account. FedEx says it has to be generated
by the software that is accessing the FedEx api, but I haven’t been able
to find any method of generating it from within the gem.

Anyone have any experience with this gem? Any suggestions? Any help
would be much appreciated.

Best, PJ