Ruby settings, path/env/lib etc


I just downloaded the ruby one click installer. I am on a windows
machine with no administrator rights. I install all my personal apps to

SciTe wouldn’t run properly until I edited the properties to point to
the ruby interpreter; now F5 works fine to compile/run.

I also ended up finding out the hard way that I need to do
| require ‘rubygems’
before I could require anything else.

Still, simple examples do not work, usually failing with
|uninitialized constant XXX (NameError)

I assume this is because the lib directory etc. could not be found.

Is there a central place where I can manually change settings?
For example, I just found out about “$:” – is there a resource that
discusses all the setup/settings/env-vars for ruby? (on windows?)



I don’t think that Desktop\bin is the best place to install something
valuable, because it’s full path contains white spaces. In my case
it’s: “C:\Documents and Settings\martinsgr\Desktop”


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